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3.3 Reading for Writing(基礎練)-2020-2021學年高一英語十分鐘同步課堂專練(人教版2019必修第二冊)
3.3 Reading for Writing(基礎練)-2020-2021學年高一英語十分鐘同步課堂專練(人教版2019必修第二冊)01
3.3 Reading for Writing(基礎練)-2020-2021學年高一英語十分鐘同步課堂專練(人教版2019必修第二冊)02
3.3 Reading for Writing(基礎練)-2020-2021學年高一英語十分鐘同步課堂專練(人教版2019必修第二冊)03
3.3 Reading for Writing(基礎練)-2020-2021學年高一英語十分鐘同步課堂專練(人教版2019必修第二冊)04
3.3 Reading for Writing(基礎練)-2020-2021學年高一英語十分鐘同步課堂專練(人教版2019必修第二冊)05

人教版 (2019)必修 第二冊Unit 3 The internet教案

這是一份人教版 (2019)必修 第二冊Unit 3 The internet教案,共5頁。

1. Sme wrds are difficult t__________________(下定義)because they have many different uses.
2. I'll take tw. Can yu give me a_______________________(折扣)?
3.His wrds gave us the___________________(錯誤的) impressin that he wuld lend us mney, but he wuld nt.
4.He became an_____________________(作家)quite late in life.
5.I pened a bank a_______________ (賬戶) after I made $ 1,000 by ding a part-time jb during the summer vacatin.
6. It's r_______________ t speak when yu're eating.
7.We c_______________ that all the infrmatin was true and cmplete.
8. Dn't frget t take a few spare____________________(電池) when travelling.
9. Let them knw yu are there t help in any way and respect the________________ (隱私)f yur neighbr.
10.Nwadays data and identity____________________(偷竊)becmes mre and mre cmmn.
【答案】1 define 2 discunt 3 false 4 authr 5 accunt 6 rude 7 cnfirmed 8 batteries 9 privacy 10 theft
II 單句語法填空
1.I refused t accept the blame fr smething __________________was smene else's fault.
2.It___________________(upset) him that n ne had bthered t tell him abut it.
3. He felt____________________(embarrass) at being the centre f attentin.
4.Keep_______________mind that there are sme files that yu have t be careful abut.
5. I was tired f _____________________(make) fun f because f my ld clthes.
6.The system _______________(direct) at prviding help fr ld peple and rphans.
7. The mre yu learn, the ______________________(gd) equipped fr life yu are.
8. This is the small little-knwn twn _______________which I have been familiar since childhd.
9.It______________________(give) ut that Mary wuld be the leading actress in the new mvie.
10. She was angry at Steve's________________ (rude), but I culd frgive it.
【答案】 1 that 2 upset 3 embarrassed 4 in 5 being made 6 is directed 7 better 8 with 9 was given 10 rudeness
On January 25, 2020, ver a billin peple in China and millins arund the wrld will celebrate the Chinese New Year, r the Spring Festival. The ancient traditin, 1 date is determined by the lunar calendar and falls smewhere between January 21 and February 20 each year, is the 2 (lng) and mst imprtant f all Chinese festivals.
The preparatins will 3 (fficial) begin with Little New Year n January 17,2020.It is bserved with a day f memrial ceremnies. Other Little New Year activities include cleaning the huse 4 (sweep) away bad luck and hanging spring cuplets-red decratins hung in pairs-fr wealth. Since red 5 (believe) t keep misfrtune and evil spirits away, it can be nticed in everything frm clthing t 6 (lantern) used t decrate huses.
Often 7 (cnsider) the mst imprtant meal f the year , the reunin dinner is bth delicius and rted in Chinese traditin. 8 whle chicken symblizes family tgetherness, while lng uncut ndles shw lngevity(長壽. Wealth is represented by dumplings and spring rlls. Children receive red envelpes filled 9 mney and inspiring messages frm elders and are ften allwed t stay up late t watch the 10 (amaze) firewrks shws.
The tw-week lng celebratins will end n February 8-the day f the full mn-with the Lantern Festival.
【答案】1. whse 2. lngest 3. fficially 4.t sweep 5. is believed 6. lanterns 7. Cnsidered 8.A 9. with 10. amazing
Which bk yu shuld read is based n
yur next travel destinatin.
As yu're traveling arund Amsterdam, read "The Fault in Our Stars".
Previusly adapted int a film in 2014, Jhn Green's stry f star-crssed teenagers famusly includes a trip t Amsterdam. The Anne Frank Huse and The Rijks Museum are tw f many majr destinatins mentined in the bk. Plus, the bench frm the film adaptin f this nvel has even becme its wn turist spt.
"The Elegance f the Hedgehg"is excellent reading fr a trip t Paris.
Befre wandering dwn the Champs-Elysees, pen Muriel Barbery's nvel fr a delightful peek int the lives f wealthy Parisians. Set in an upscale French apartment building, the stry fllws tw ttally different peple wh discver they are kindred suls.
Bring "One Hundred Years f Slitude" t read in Suth America.
A significant wrk f literature, Gabriel Garcia Marquez's classic fllws generatins f the Buendia family as they live in their Suth-American twn. Garcia Marquez's magical realism paired with his lush descriptins makes the bk a perfect read fr visiting sme f the breathtaking sights f Suth America.
"Call Me by Yur Name" by Andre Aciman shuld perhaps be read in the summertime, in Italy.
Andre Aciman's nvel is said t take place in the Nrthern-Italian seaside regin f Liguria. And if yu've seen the 2017cming-f-age film adaptatin f the bk, yu'll already kn the stry describes beautiful summers in Nrthern Italy, cmplete with seaside encunters and lush greenery.
If yu're visiting New Yrk City, enter the mind f Hlden Caulfield.
"The Catcher in the Rye" is a classic tale f a lst teenager's unplanned trip t New Yrk City. In the J. D Salinger's nvel, Hlden visits a nightclub in the East Village, ges ice skating in Rckefeller Center, and takes his sister t the Central Park Z.
1.Which bk was adapted int a film in 2017?
A. The Fault in Our Stars.
B. The Elegance f the Hedgehg.
C. One Hundred Years f Slitude.
D. Call Me by Yur Name
2. Which f the fllwing best explains the underlined wrd "kindred"?
A . Pwerful .
B. Similar.
C. Gentle.
3. What des the bk "The Catcher in the Rye" mainly talk abut?
A. Star-crssed teenagers' trip t Amsterdam.
B.A teenager's unintended trip t New Yrk City.
C. Seaside encunters in beautiful summers in Nrthern Italy.
D. The life f generatins f the Buendia family in Suth-American twn.
【答案】1. D 2.B 3.B
Are supermarkets designed t persuade us t buy mre? When yu enter a supermarket, the manager knws better than yu: hw yu will behave-which way yu will walk, where yu will lk, what will make yu buy ne prduct rather than anther. When custmers g int a shp, they naturally lk t their left but mve clckwise, twards the right. S supermarket entrances are usually n the left f the building. And the layut is designed t take shppers arund the stre, aisle(通道)after aisle, frm left t right. 1 .
Fresh fruit and vegetables are displayed near supermarket entrances. 2 Basic fd like sugar and tea, are nt put near each ther. They are kept in different aisles s custmers are taken past ther attractive fds befre they find what they want. In this way, shppers are encuraged t buy prducts that they d nt really want .
Peple walk quickly thrugh narrw aisles, but they mve slwly in wide aisles and give mre attentin t the prducts. One best-selling psitin fr prducts is at the end f aisles, because shppers slw dwn t turn int the next aisle . 3 Supermarkets are paid by fd cmpanies t put their prducts in each f these high-selling places
4 While parents are waiting t pay , children reach fr the sweets and put them in the trlley.
Mre is bught frm a fifteen-ft display f ne type f prduct(,washing pwder)than frm a ten-ft ne. 5 They d nt like t buy frm shelves with few prducts n them because they feel there is smething wrng with thse prducts that are there.
A. Anther is n shelves at eye level.
B. Sweets are ften placed at children's eye level at the checkut .
C. There are always enugh prducts prepared fr custmers in the supermarket.
D. Then shppers will pay attentin t all the prducts.
E. This gives the impressin that nly healthy fd is sld in the shp
F. Custmers als buy mre when shelves are full than when they are half empty.
G. Supermarkets are ne f children's favrite places and they are als big cnsumers.
【答案】1.D 2.E 3. A 4. B5. F
B 【解析】此空與空后一句相呼應,在收銀臺,糖果通常和孩子們的眼睛處于同一高度,而當家長們等著付錢的時候,孩子們伸手去拿糖果,把它們放在手推車里。故選B。

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